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Gutter Guards

Prevent debris | Lower your maintenance

Installing aluminum gutter guards is the easy, smart solution for your gutter system.

Roofs Restored uses aluminum gutter guards from Senox, the leading gutter manufacturer in the southeast United States. Without guards, biomass can accumulate from leaves and other debris, adding unnecessary weight to your gutter mounting system and hold moisture which can lea to early corrosion.

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What is the purpose of gutter guards (leaf guards)?

Gutter guards prevent a majority of debris (mostly fallen leaves) from entering and clogging up your gutters: preventing adequate water diversion from your roof.

Are gutter guards added weight that will damage my fascia over time?

Let’s remember the purpose of a gutter guard: to prevent biomatter buildup in your gutters. The amount of weight from wet, decomposing biomatter build-up in your gutters far exceeds the weight of a thin piece of aluminum mesh. Regardless, we place gutter mounting brackets every 18 inches to more equally distribute weight along the sides of your roof structure. Most gutter installers use 4 foot spacing.

Do I still need to clean my gutters?

Gutters are recommended to be cleaned out twice a year (four times a year if you have ample tree coverage over your home). With gutter guards, this can be reduced to only once a year – and brushing any sitting leaves off the top is WAY easier than scooping debris out of your gutters.

Gutter guards make your home look worn down.

Some people claim gutter guards trap debris in them and cause an external build-up above the gutter that causes an eye soar for the homeowner. Debris will undoubtedly get caught in your guards, but nature takes care of the majority of that by blowing loose leaves out of place and off your gutter system. But in fairness, again we stress that gutter guards are not maintenance-free. They are simply less maintenance.

black flat aluminium gutter guard

Flat Lock Gutter Guard

Flat Lock guards give proven performance in gutter protection from leaves and other debris, keeping your gutters free of biomatter buildup – reducing weight and maintenance.

black aluminium smart flow gutter guard

Smart Flow Gutter Guard

The smooth surface of the Smart Flow gutter guard reduces the chances of leaves or debris getting snagged and hung up on your gutter guard. This solution also makes for easier annual cleaning by simply brushing over the top to sweep off any unwanted debris buildup over time.

white aluminum leaf free gutter guard

LeafFree Gutter Guard

The top of the line solution in gutter guard technology. This design takes advantage of water’s adhesive properties as it flows over the rounded edge and follows the rim down into your gutters. This keeps water diversion at a maximum while minimizing any chances of leaves or debris getting entangled in larger gaps.

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