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That's Right! From the time you sign with Roofs Restored, we can install your roof within 7 business days or less  thanks to the forethought of this company (roof replacements generally take 1 to 2 days). Where other companies are dependant on limited suppliers, Roofs Restored has the roofing materials you need in stock waiting for your order. All of this is thanks to the outstanding relationship we have with suppliers and manufacturers. Never underestimate the power of paying the bills on time. 

How We can Do it

Building Trust

Seriously though, a major reason we are able to accomplish this during these crazy times is because of our great relationship with our suppliers. And honestly, a huge contributor to that is simply honoring them by paying the bills on time. You would be surprised at how many contractors need to be tracked down and pestered by the suppliers to get their money. We don't do that here, and that has built a level of trust that puts us at the front of a distributor's supply chain.

Streamlined Process

From years of working with clients, insurance agencies, distributors, and manufacturers, we have learned what to expect on the job. With fewer curve balls throwing us off our game, we are able to focus all of our time getting your roof installed properly instead of trying to put out fires. 

Trusted Crews

We don't just hire any crew that comes to us wanting work. Sure, we can always use more crews, but we won't be pressured to use just anyone simply out of necessity. We thoroughly screen our crews to be sure they meet the excellence, efficiency, safety, and proper paperwork that our company demands. And that's not all. Most of our crews have been with us for years. It's like being able to look at a friend and not say a word but they know exactly what you're thinking. This bond promotes efficiency.

Options for Clients

Options are optional! But we have them available to you. One of our best tools to get your job started quicker is financing. Many clients are stuck waiting for their insurance to pay out, sticking them with a damaged roof until the money comes in. Well with our $0-down, no pre-payment penalty financing, you can get the work started and once your insurance checks come in, you can use them towards the loan. No hassle, no wasted time. It's that easy. Check out that option here.

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